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We need to monitor your medication to ensure it is safe for you to continue taking it.

All medications can cause side effects. Some side effects result in symptoms that are bareable and if the side effect is unbearable we can stop or change your medication. Other medication can cause side effects which do not result in visible symptoms. These can sometimes affect your organs.

We know, for example, that certain hypertensive tablets, such as ramipril and losartan, can affect your kidneys; this is why we need to test electrolyte and urea levels in your bood as this is how we can identify any kidney deterioration. We also know that proton pump inhibitors, such as lansoprazole, can stop the absorbtion of certain vitamins and minerals, we therefore ask you to have a blood test to check if we you need to replace these by taking supplements whilst on this treatment.

Contraceptives and other medication can affect your weight and blood pressure, so we may need you to have these checked regulraly.

If you have been asked to have a blood test, a blood pressure or a weight measurement; this is to ensure we can continue prescribing your medications safely. Please do not miss your medication monitoring or we will not be able to continue prescribing your medication