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Routine vaccinations for babies, pre-school children and adults are continuing as normal.

It is important to go to your appointments unless you, your child or someone you live with has symptoms of COVID-19.

Vaccinations usually given in school are being rescheduled.

NHS vaccination schedule

Babies under 1 year old

Age Vaccines
8 weeks 6-in-1 vaccine
Rotavirus vaccine
12 weeks 6-in-1 vaccine (2nd dose)
Pneumococcal (PCV) vaccine
Rotavirus vaccine (2nd dose)
16 weeks 6-in-1 vaccine (3rd dose)
MenB (2nd dose)


Children aged 1 to 15

Age Vaccines
1 year Hib/MenC (1st dose)
MMR (1st dose)
Pneumococcal (PCV) vaccine (2nd dose)
MenB (3rd dose)
2 to 10 years Flu vaccine (every year)
3 years and 4 months MMR (2nd dose)
4-in-1 pre-school booster
12 to 13 years HPV vaccine
14 years 3-in-1 teenage booster


Age Vaccines
65 years Pneumococcal (PPV) vaccine
65 years (and every year after) Flu vaccine
70 years Shingles vaccine

Pregnant women

When it’s offered Vaccines
During flu season Flu vaccine
From 16 weeks pregnant Whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine