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After being closed for two years, the small GP surgery branch in Hangleton will be re-opening this week and we would like the local community, staff and patients to join us in a small ribbon cutting ceremony.


Many of you will be aware of how important the Burwash surgery has been for the community and how much it will mean to the locals once we reopen the doors. Patients who previously registered with this branch surgery have had to travel to Benfield Valley Medical Centre, which can take while on the bus. We have been refurbishing and preparing the branch and are pleased to announce that it is now ready!
We are reopening the practice on Tuesday the 18th of October at 1pm with a ribbon cutting ceremony and we would like to invite all local patients.
WellBN is the name of the surgery group and we now have three branches; Burwash, Brunswick and Benfield. We encourage integrated medicine, so in addition to NHS Services, we offer our patients paid for, free, or subsidised complementary and alternative therapy funded by our charity Robin Hood Health. These include acupuncture, art therapy singing, dance, photography and healing therapy and they have been found beneficial to patients who otherwise would be on long term medication or a burden on secondary services. We have already started using the Burwash site for yoga and healing therapy and have started up gardening groups for the locals in the beautiful back garden.
We really hope you are able to come and be part of this exciting new venture for the the local community. Thanks in advance.