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This week marks Trans Awareness Week within our community. Not only is it a time to celebrate and
honour those in the community but also those who have paved a path for future generations to use.
Among those historical figures includes Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, Michael Dillon and Alan
Hart who were fighting for who they were and transgender rights a long time before we were in the
public spotlight. Nowadays, we see more and more individuals coming out to live authentically as
themselves and create a buzz around the trans community; even today, we are challenged and face
the possibility of having our rights stripped away.
Even within Brighton, we see so many individuals being deprived of the help and assistance they
deserve with more and more fundraisers opening up on sites such as “gofundme” and “justgiving” to
help with the costs of medically transitioning instead of waiting endlessly for help from NHS England.
Even now in our own city, we see others try to diminish our way of life by interrupting the calm and
invading our safe spaces. Though we will always come out on top, this animosity means that
activities such as Drag Story Time have to be cancelled in order to protect our community from anti-
trans activists. Locals have to create barriers to stop those with hatred in their hearts from
Our community knows no rest or relaxation as every day our identities are being questioned,
exposed, denied, stripped away and even just ignored. Despite the struggles of the past and present,
we hope to see trans and gender non-conforming individuals in our city, our country and around the
world finally living in peace and happiness, the way that every human being should be allowed to
feel and live: safely.
Thankfully, TNBI spaces and organisations are helping and offering support to the community.
Groups like Allsorts, Mermaids, The Clare Project, Mindout and many more are key for our
community and an amazing wall to lean on when times get tough. Throughout this week, we should
be celebrating and uplifting those in our community to help them shine, be happy and reach their
full potential, and of course not just this week but always. We didn’t get to where we are today by
individually conforming to the rules that have been set up against us. We face another upcoming
obstacle; our government is looking to strip away the rights that we have won with the upcoming
revision of The Equality Act of 2010.
At WellBN, we are focused and driven to support our trans and gender non-conforming patients by allowing them access to the healthcare they don’t just deserve but need and are legally entitled to. If you have any questions about our trans care and pathway please do not hesitate to get in contact with WellBN or our TNBI patient co-ordinator Lili (
We will get through, we will come out stronger, and we will finally thrive. No pride for some without liberation and rights for all!