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An expected reduction in the UK’s Covid vaccine supply in April is partly due to a delay in a delivery from India of five million Oxford-AstraZeneca doses. What does this mean for you?

Most of you will have heard the announcement about a covid vaccine shortage. Please do not worry. Here is what it means for our BHWC patients:

From March the 22nd we will be receiving supplies for second doses. Our priority is to book appointments for second doses this week so we can get as many as possible vaccinated with second doses in the month of April whilst there is a delay on first doses.

As soon as we receive further supplies, we will continue first doses again. We have in fact had this same issue a couple of weeks ago, when we only received one batch and a month ago too. The supply has been variable since initiation and we have learned to prioritise, reorganise and deal with these situations already.

The important message to take home is that current news will not delay our overall delivery. We will not be cancelling any appointments and we are still on target to get all adults vaccinated by the end of July.