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Streptococcal Group A and Scarlet Fever Infection Triage 2022 

In response to increased demand due to the strep A outbreak, the clinical team at WellBN are offering a management pathway to assess your clinical care without the need for a phone call or face to face review.  

Why are we doing this?  

We are experiencing an increased demand for clinical appointments due to increased illness, seasonal changes in rates of infection, post-pandemic immunity issues coupled with increased vigilance and raised anxieties from patients, parents and carers. To deal with the increased demand and workload due to the December 2022 streptococcal group A infection outbreak, we are improving clinical capacity through the use of virtual consultation methods. Therefore, different groups can be identified which can be managed differently and can highlight those who can be managed without direct clinical contact. The pathway may help to alleviate anxieties, speed up clinical contact and management, and manages clinical risk. 

How are we doing this?   

Patients will be triaged via virtual questionnaires and if suitable offered an “infection rescue pack” containing a throat swab and a prescription for an antibiotic medicine. If your child becomes unwell, do a COVID test and the throat swab straight away, and isolate them at home. Because you know your own child best, sometimes it is good to let you make the choice about whether to start antibiotics or not.