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Dear Parent/Guardian/Carer,  

Most childhood infections are caused by viruses. Antibiotic medicines do not work against them. It is important that we only use antibiotics when they are absolutely necessary.   We understand your concerns at this time when there has been a rise in serious cases of Strep A infection. Because you know your own child best, sometimes it is good to let you make the choice about whether to start antibiotics or not, maybe after waiting a day or two. 

We are providing you with an “infection rescue pack” containing a throat swab and a prescription for an antibiotic medicine. PLEASE COME TO THE SURGERY RECEPTION TO PERFORM A THROAT SWAB (or collect and bring back if your child is too unwell). Your prescription will be sent to your nominated pharmacy by 5pm today. 

We will let you have results as soon as possible, but this may take up to 4-5 days. Treat your child’s symptoms (fever/pain) with paracetamol and ibuprofen following the instructions on the boxes. Give them lots of water with vitamin C and Echinacea if you wish. Drinking plenty helps to wash the germs out of the body, and helps to prevent dehydration. Treat coughs by breathing in steam with a few drops of menthol/eucalyptus added (Olbas oil or similar). Try to get your child to sleep in a more upright position and rest as much as possible.  If you are concerned that your child is becoming more unwell you can start the antibiotics without needing to call us or 111. If, at any time, your child becomes sleepy or listless, or they have cold or blue hands and feet, or mottled pale skin or become confused or inconsolable, you should start giving antibiotics – DON’T DELAY – and take them to A&E for assessment. The WellBN Team hope this will make things easier for you and help you feel safer and more prepared.