What can receptionists book into?

For certain bookings, such as nurse appointments, we can book straight into SystmOne. These include: vaccines, immunisations, dressings + stitch removal, cervical smears, blood tests (Only if requested by a clinician!), ear syringes and flu jabs.

There are a few things to note here: Firstly, with stich removal you have to ask how many stiches need to be removed and where on the body they have to be removed from. Write this information on the “amend appointment” feature of SystmOne.

Secondly, you cannot book these appointment in with just anyone. Check the nurse skillset sheet to see who does what e.g. at Brunswick, Rhoda does coil checks and removals. The other way to check who does what is to go over to SystmOne -> set up -> appointments -> template and view from there.

This sheet is not set in stone – if, for example, Laura V was booked up for a blood test on a day the patient needed to get one, you can Instant Message one of the other nurses to see if they’re available to do one in one of their free slots shown on SystmOne

To check the availability on SystmOne – look to see if there is a space between the blocks. This would mean that specific slot has been taken.