Vitals and Lifestyle

This is the feature of SystmOne which allows patients to update things like height, weight and blood pressure. It is shown as a green tick icon in the top left of the screen.

Within the surgery, we have a blood pressure machine through the entrance and by the windows at the back. Patients can take their blood pressure here and bring back to the reception desk a ticket for you to input into this section of SystmOne.

Familiarise yourself with the blood pressure action levels information sheet. If the level given by the patient seems strange (exaggerated outside normal range which is 120/80), you must contact the clinical lead at that particular time in the surgery. It is likely that the patient could’ve have partaken in an activity which may deviate their blood pressure levels such as running, so after waiting a while, you can ask them to take it again. Nevertheless, contact the clinical lead as this is standard protocol.