The tasks you can be set can vary. The main type of task you may have to complete is a patient task e.g. emailing blood test results to the patient when they arrive. Tasks like this should be self-tasked, whereby the receptionist who was asked to conduct this task by the patient should complete this at a later date by tasking themselves as a reminder.

Other tasks that can be completed by the receptionists as a cohort are tasked to the receptionists group – these should be progressed when there are little to no calls to take. An example of this could be “Please book this patient in for a blood test.”

You are also able to send tasks to other “user groups” or individuals. The most common example of when you would do this is when you are dealing with a referral, you are most likely going to be tasking the secretary team user group to do so

To open a task in the first instance, go to task -> receptionist -> right click to retrieve patient. Remember to change the task status to complete when finished.