In the beginning, it’s often quite difficult to memorise what rooms are where, as well as who is usually in them. The type of situation where you would require this knowledge is anytime where you’re sitting at the desk, and a patient comes in saying they have an appointment. You must tell them where to go to wait for their appointment.

The way to do this is usually to click the “IM” or “Instant Message” button and search through the names for the clinician in question, and look across to Location. This will show you the location of the computer where the clinician is based, and so you can say to the patient where to wait accordingly.

But, if you’re new, it might take a while for you to grasp where each room is located. It’s much easier for you to read the following to avoid this issue: The basement has the rooms Listen and Harmony. The ground floor has the rooms Lifestyle, Participation and Relaxation. The first floor has the rooms Security, Support and Environment.

If the patient has an appointment in one of the rooms in the basement, please check them in and ask them to wait in the waiting room on the first floor. The clinician will come and collect them when they are ready.