Read Code

This is the red R button in the top left of SystmOne. As receptionists, there may be a couple of different reasons why you may use this feature: Predominantly, if you want there to be a record that the call happened, type “Telephone Encounter” into the feature.

The other one which is quite useful is the “Failed Encounter” feature. This keeps a record you leave a voicemail for example. You may need to call patients if there has been a task left for you to book them in for something.

Lastly, you should be aware of the email sent to (and from) patients or third party organisations. This again keeps a record, mostly to cover yourself. A patient requested blood test results and comes back saying that they haven’t received them. As you have recorded that you had done this in the read code, you have done your job and don’t have to worry.

Records are kept to ensure that no communicative issues come back to you.