Pharmacy team and RX requests

If a Patient is requesting changes to their medication, has any medication queries or is experiencing any side effects, fill out a Klinik team but you must direct it to the Pharmacy team.

It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the people in each team. The pharmacy team consists of Shilpa, Poonam, Kelvin, Sabrina and Sang.

An RX request is the same thing as a repeat prescription. If a Patient rings up asking for their repeat medication, the first port of call should be to fill out a Klinik form. Unlike other medication queries, direct this form to the Prescriptions Team. This team consists of Sue, Rita, Samira and leda.

You can also add medication that the patient is requesting to the RX list on SystmOne

You can find any repeat medication on the repeat templates section of SystmOne.