Blood tests

If a patient requests a blood test, you must check whether a clinician has given the go ahead. This can be confirmed by checking the “New Journal” feature of SystmOne. This is where everything in the patients’ history can be found.

The other key thing with blood tests is that they cannot be booked after 4pm in Brunswick, and after 3pm at Benfield. This will be clearly indicated on SystmOne however it’s good to have background knowledge of this.

To check the next available test, select the (right hand) free slot button and type in blood tests. This will show you a starting point but look for a few bloods tests after that in case the patient can’t make it. Additionally, it is not only blood tests which we can see the next available appointment for, but we can see them for most of the other appointments that receptionists can book into. So if, for example, the patient calls up requesting a smear, we can see when the next available smear is both at the Benfield and Brunswick sites.

In terms of test results – patients can request these themselves. Go to the “Pathology and Radiology” feature of SystmOne -> right click -> Print original result -> word doc -> save as to desktop -> email accordingly.

Within this same section, you’ll see the different levels of medically related substances. Down the left hand side, you’ll see the patient’s level and down the right you’ll see the normal range of that specific substance.