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Thank you for volunteering for BHWC to help us to get our 16 000 patients vaccinated at the Portslade health centre.

Data Entering Volunteers

  • For some reason everyone calls this Pinnacle but this is the same as Outcomes4health!
  • You should have received a username and password via email for outcomes4health/Pinnacle
  • First you need to check the BHWC Covid vaccination Google Spreadsheet to check who needs to be Pinnacled.
  • People are first invited for an appointment, then they are booked for the appointment then they are registered onto pinnacle for the appointment.

Accessing Outcomes4Health/Pinnacle

  • Click on the enter button below “I am here for COVID vaccination service”
  • Enter our ODS code  J4Y6E

  • Enter your Username and password (you will have received an email with this info)

Setting up your Home Page

  • Click on the Services tab

  • Under Provision List Options, tick option ‘Focus Services Page for Covid-19 Services’
  • Then click on COVID Vaccination box
  • Enter the letters required from you 6 letter security word and click Submit

Registering a patient

  • Click the ‘Me’ button, this will populate with your name
  • Leave the Booking reference field empty
  • Vaccination date will auto populate with todays date – leave that
  • Find the patient by entering their D.O.B and NHS Number and click ‘Lookup Via PDS’

  • Check patient details and if correct, click ‘Confirm Patient’
  • Alternatively, you can select ‘Search by patient details’ and enter 3 pieces of information below (you will have to guess the sex)
  • Click Lookup Via PDS

  • Check patient details and if correct, click ‘Confirm Patient’
  • Enter Patient’s GP practice – (search brunswick and this will bring up BHWC)
  • Click partial save

BHWC Covid Vaccination Google Spreadsheet

  • Put your name in the Pinnacle section
  • You can now go on to the next patient

BHWC Covid Vaccination Google Speradsheet