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Thank you for volunteering for BHWC to help us to get our 16 000 patients vaccinated at the Portslade health centre.

Phonecall volunteers

If you have signed up as a volunteer to make calls for us you will need to use your own telephone/mobile phone to make the calls. Don’t forget to hide your number!


  • You can access the list of patients to call on our shared online spreadsheet (you will need a google account to access this)
  • This spreadsheet contains patients name, DOB, and telephone number so you can book them in. Once you have gathered all the information fill out the excel spreadsheet.
  • Once we receive the form we will pass this on to the person(s) who BOOK the appointment.

Calling the patient

You will need to phone the patient and explain the following:

  • You are a volunteer calling from Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre
  • Which vaccination we are offering (Pfizer or Astra Zeneca) today
    • if they want a different one – make a note on the spreadsheet and let them know we will contact them again soon
    • if they do not want a covid vaccination at all – make a note on the spreadsheet and end the call
    • if they want to have the vaccination at a later stage – make a note and let them know we will contact them again
  • Which dates it is currently being offered
  • The appointment will not be at Brighton Health and Wellbeing centre but at our vaccination hub in Portslade Health Centre
    • if they are unable to get to the centre let them know about cabs for jabs
    • if they prefer not to take a cab let them know about our volunteers Catherine Lane or Karthik Sharma who are offering free covid secure transport for patients who need this – make a note and we will arrange this for them.
  • You are gathering information to book them in for an appointment and will get in touch with them again once the appointment has been booked. 

Ask the patient the following questions

  • Have you had covid in the last 4 weeks
    • You cannot have the vaccine for at least four weeks after onset of symptoms – make a note of the date they tested positive and let them know we will contact them again
  • Have you had a covid vaccination in another setting or during a trial
    • If they have then make a note and we will contact them again
  • Are you taking a medication called warfarin
    • ALL other medications are ok – if they are taking warafrin (a blood thining medication) they can still have the vaccination but they will need to bring their INR card with them
  • Ask for consent to send them an email (and ask for email address if we do not have this)
  • Ask for consent to send them our BHWC newsletter with regular covid updates and new practice updates
  • When are they available

Ending the call

  • Let them know we will book their appointment and send them an email confirmation with their appointment date, time and all the information needed about the appointment
    • if they do not want to be notified by email we can send them an sms (please make a note in the submission form)
    • if they do not want to be notified by sms or email we can phone them (last resort and please make a note in the submission form)
  • Tick the “I’m not a robot” box
  • Click on submit

Filling out the Spreadsheet

Fill out the spreadsheet with your name in the Invited column and go to the next person on your list.


  • The patient may ask you questions about the covid vaccination or the process so it may be good to get familiar with this by reading our frequently asked questions article.
  • Familiarise yourself with where the Portslade Health Centre is – the 1 and the 1a bus stops right outside.
  • If you are asked a question you are unable to answer, be confident, let them know you are a volunteer so you do not know and you will get bac to them
  • You can spend as much time chatting with them as you want – be ware some patients love shatting for ages and the beauty in your role is that you do not need to rush off to the next call, take your time and enjoy every conversation.
  • At BHWC we are keen to give patients the time and the right attitude and a high satisfaction so please be kind, patient and caring to all the patients you speak to (I would not have chosen YOU as a volunteer if I had any doubts I am sure you will be lovely!)
  • If you have any question contact our team via the volunteers whats app group
  • If they need transport they can call cabs for jabs which is free and if they are scared to take a cab we have a volunteer who can take them.

Thank you for helping us deliver the BHWC Covid vaccination Programme.

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