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There is now more support available while you are waiting for a hospital appointment. People in Sussex who are waiting for care will be able to access support and check waiting times on a new online platform. My Planned Care website allows patients and their carers to access information ahead of their planned appointment, operation or treatment.

In this first stage, patients will be able to search on the site to find the average waiting time at their local hospital for the specialist area they need treatment in. Data from all of the Sussex hospital trusts will be available through the platform, as well as hospitals across the country. The platform will be expanded in the coming months to include more specific information for specialties and how patients can contact hospital departments and teams. This will also include signposting to existing community support, public health wellbeing services, the voluntary and community sector and non-acute provider services for advice and support for physical and mental wellbeing.

At the same time, health and care partners in Sussex have also launched new online advice to support people as they wait to help them to stay well. It includes advice on how to manage symptoms, a focus on mental health and wellbeing and how to manage other demands or pressures while they wait. The online advice can be accessed on the Sussex Health and Care Partnership website.