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WellBN DPP Support Programme

Thank you for your interest in our IP training programme for non- medical prescribers at WellBN.

We have experience in training pharmacists, nurses and physiotherapists at WellBN under the non-medical prescribing courses, so we can assure you that you will be in good hands! 


ShilpaShilpa Over 30 IPs qualified with Shilpa as their DPP

We are on a mission create prescribers.

At WellBN, we work as a team to get you through the IP training programme. Shilpa has already supported as DPP for 26 pharmacists and is currently training 5 more and Sanjeev has just taken on her first student. We have trained a nurse, a paramedic and a physiotherapist, who are now working for us as non-medical prescribers. Due to this experience, we will be able to advise you and ensure your pathway is as simple and straightforward as possible.


Lead by Shilpa Patel

Shilpa Patel is our lead clinical prescribing pharmacist and practice partner. She has 9 years experience as a clinical prescriber and she has mentored and trained many pharmacists to become prescribers over the years. 


Multiple DPPs

Shilpa was the only DPP for all the students previosuly, but now we have many prescribeing pharmacists who are able to provide the role of DPP. This means that we are now able to take on more students and train in a variety of scope of practices. All our pharmacists have completed the DPP training course.

Entire team involved

Both you and your DPP have full support from the whole WellBN team. Not only will you get your 90 hours of shadowing, but we will help you to understand how a GP practice operates, how a pharmacist can best make an impact and you will be able to shadow a variety of clinicans, including all our clinical pharmacists.   

Please note your 90 hours will not be entirely with your DPP. You will be given the opportunity to shadow a range of clinicians, so you are able to see the whole picture and understand how the whole team works together. At WellBN, you will have the chance to sit in with nurses, physiotherapists, doctors, pharmacists, and a range of therapists. We will also arrange for you to shadow external members of staff if needed depending on your area of prescribing.  

proven track record

Join us!

We have an established pathway for the IP training. We are confident we will be able to provide you with a high quality, reflective, experience-based training opportunity. 

bespoke onlINE resource

Ask Shilpa!

You will have access to additional WellBN specific resources, including – our online resource website with all our protocols and pharmacy information.

How will your journey begin?

On day one, your DPP will help you carry out a learning needs assessment, identifying your strengths and weaknesses and your skills gaps. You will then devise a development plan. Your DPP will then provide you with the resources to meet all your competencies and enable you to present a high-quality portfolio at the end of your course. You will be taught how to use SystemOne – the GP IT system and you will attend a variety of shadowing sessions as well as consultation clinics. Your DPP will identify your level of clinical skills and start at that level. This can mean starting from the beginning or from a more advanced stage depending on your previous experience and skillset.


How much does the service cost?

We ask for an initial non-refundable fee of £500 to secure a place and to help you fill out any admin & paperwork.

A second non-refundable payment of £3000 is due prior to your first day at the practice.

The total fee enables us to provide this service to as many pharmacists as possible and covers the 90 hours of shadowing and you will get an an hour each week with your DPP to ensure completion of any reviews, assessments, signoffs, to help you with your portfolio and to ensure you are on target for completion.


I was so lucky to have Shilpa as my DPP. She was very helpful and gave me all the time I needed to learn and become the great independent prescriber I am now. Hats off the the number one DPP.  I can not thank her or recommend her enough x

Independent Prescribing Pharmacist

Sarah Kerouche, Portslade

Excellent supervisor. Was Always patient with me during my course. Respond within 24 hours.  Excellent in giving support materials and online link to help with the course.  Felt that I was the only student at that time as she gave me a lot of her time. Create an environment to put learning to practice.  Regularly feedback to see what works better for you

Independent Prescribing Pharmacist

Makarius Salib, Charter Pharmacy, Brighton

She is a very talented, enthusiastic and motivated lady . A very positive and encourager leader who encouraged me throughout

Independent Prescribing Pharmacist

Reena Kanda, Gravesend

Shilpa is a very special. Her knowledge, skills and attitude are unique. Extremely approachable and supportive. I was very inspired by her and really enjoyed the learning experience with Shilpa.

Independent Prescribing Pharmacist


Shilpa is great, really helpful, always available; very knowledgeable.

Independent Prescribing Pharmacist

Alice English, Pharm@Sea

Shilpa was the most helpful, most knowledgable and helpful DPP I could have ever hoped for.

Independent Prescribing Pharmacist

Ramiz Bahnam, Pharmacy Owner

Shilpa has been absolutely fantastic through out the process . Her mentoring style is nurturing and encouraging was perfect for me .

Independent Prescribing Pharmacist

Shaili Thakkar, Boots

Shilpa was absolutely fantastic and I have already referred few of my friends to her as she really understands her role as DPP and provides the support .

Independent Prescribing Pharmacist


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