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by Anna Betz, Medical Herbalist and Senior Mental Health Practitioner

Type 2 diabetes is an urgent public health crisis. Solving it depends on decisive action which is becoming even more urgent in the face of COVID19 that puts many people in the more vulnerable category. At BHWC we are offering a course free of charge to our diabetics and to our patients with pre-diabetes.

This course of 6 sessions is designed to help those suffering from diabetes or are at risk of developing it to understand what factors affect blood sugar regulation and what can be done to regulate it and feel good doing so.

Based on my experience as a practitioner in natural health and working with patients suffering from diabetes, pre-diabetes and other blood sugar related health problems, I can assure everyone that it is never too late to start making healthier food and lifestyle choices that can stop or even reverse the development of the often devasting complications of dysregulated blood sugar.

Of course, healthy living can be difficult when facing relentless advertising for processed and unhealthy foods, addictive (salt and sugar) ultra-processed food, entrenched and culturally-reinforced taste preferences, limited access to healthy foods for many people, sedentary behaviour, excessive stress and often poor sleep habits.

However, once someone understands what factors contribute to poor blood sugar regulation in his/her individual context i.e whether it is dietary habits, stress, obesity, lack of sleep or a combination of various factors, he/she can create a plan and start installing healthier habits.

My commitment is to support every participant on their individual journey to better health.

What previous participants said about the course:

  • I particularly enjoyed the holistic approach e.g. including mindfulness along with nutritional science
  • With the help of the accompanying manuals and Anna’s clear explanations, I took away much useful knowledge from the sessions.
  • The participation of other people in the group enhanced my learning.
  • Throughout the course new ideas bubbled up for possible inclusion in my daily routine. Alongside mindfulness practice throughout the day, I have tried apple cider vinegar with turmeric before meals and reorganising my mealtimes to better fit with my circadian body clock
  • More focus all round on what is and is not good to us, gave me the incentive and tools I needed to improve. Great handout and literature too.
  • I hope this course becomes available to people soon after their diagnosis of diabetes – the sooner the better!

Looking forward to welcome you to the course.

For more information about Anna’s Health Creation workshops for patient groups diagnosed with chronic inflammatory disease, diabetes, memory problems and mental health problems