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BHWC Get Active is a free programme only open to BHWC patients and staff. Don’t miss out. It’s FREE! Sign up NOW!

All you need to do is sign up and then  Get Active in the month of April, by walking and/or running as many kilometers as possible.

Local businesses and our community are so caring and have very generously donated incentives for anyone who joins the challenge.

There will be weekly, daily and monthly prizes as motivation and encouragement. 


Sign up to BHWC Get Active

Sign up ASAP as the challenge will begin on the 1st of April. It takes less than a minute to sign up, all activities are FREE and BHWC kids can take part too.



Download the free STRAVA App

If you are not using it already, you will need to download this FREE App (you will be given instructions on how to do this). You will then be asked to join the BHWC April Active Club so you can record your activity.



Get Active when you want

You can walk or run however many times in the day, week or month you want, whenever and wherever you like. Both you and kids participants can track your race progress.



Win prizes

The incentives are incredible! There are over 70 prizes up for grabs, including massages, dance lessons, workshops, activity classes, wellbeing sessions and luxury hampers and the TOP prize of a 12-month free membership at a local gym! Scroll down for more on prizes.


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The more you travel the higher the chance of winning



12-month Gym membership at Brighton Outdoor Gym


Professional tooth whitening package by dentists at Dental essence


60 minute Massages, reflexology, treatments, workshops


6-month curry subscription and many meal vouchers


Over 70 prizes up for grabs!

something for everyone

We have kept the overall challenge simple so you can walk and run as many kilometers as possible and the person who travels the furthest wins.

But we do not want anyone to miss out!

If you are in a wheelchair you can take part in Anbreen’s Wheelchair Challenge. If you are over 50, and worried about getting out, you can join Monique’s Over 50s walking group. And we have separate competitions running for children and over 70s.

If neither of these challenges are suitable for you contact us ASAP and we will try our best to include you in a challenge. We want EVERYONE to be able to increase their activity this month.



If you are a novice and do not usually engage in much exercise, this is the ideal opportunity for you. This might just be the kind of incentive that can get you going.  The weather is getting better, the evenings are longer and you most likely live by the beach, the Downs or one of Brighton and Hove’s lovely parks. Sign up. Get walking and collect rewards!


Anbreen’s Wheelchair challenge

It is so important for everyone to stay active and this month everytime you go out in your wheelchair, you will be a step closer to a reward. If you are a wheelchair user, housebound, chairbound or bed bound sign up and our physiotherapist will find a way! Sign up. Record. Win rewards!

Dog lover

If you have a furry friend, you are already walking every day. Why not convert those walks into rewards! Sign up. Record. Win rewards!

yoga with lizzy

Gentle yoga for beginners or advanced via zoom for anyone who signs up to the challenge. There are so many ways to Get Active this month.

cyclinG and Rollerblades

There will be individual cycling and roller blade challenges throughout the month. So, if you own some blades or a bike, sign up and earn prizes!

sea swim with chloe

Swimming in the sea is very popular and a great activity for body, mind and soul. Sign up to join us swim together this month!

over 70’s

We have a seperate category for over 70s so please do not feel this does not apply to you. If you have problems signing up ask a relative, a friend, your neighbour or we can help you. Sign up. Get out in the fresh air. Earn rewards.

monique’s over 50’s

Don’t like walking alone? Feel embarrassed? anxious? Monique says she felt this way but has now overcome the fear. Join Monique’s socially distanced walking group twice each week in the evenings for our over 50s.

Get the kids Active

The lockdowns have resulted in many children spending hours in front of screens and all activities being cancelled. This is a chance for your child to be incentivised to walk or run. Maybe you can do it together or as a family? Sign up. Go Active. Earn rewards.

for your health

 Being active for at least 30 minutes three times each week is known to improve your cholesterol, your blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, stroke, and  diabetes. It strengthens your bones, can reduce muscle weakness and joint stiffness, increases your metabolism and helps control your weight and evdence confirms a walk after your evening meal aids digestion. 


for your wellbeing

Research shows your body produces endorphins when you are active. This helps improve your mood, helps relieve your stress, and a relaxed mind is important for naturally transitioning to sleep. 

for your sleep

People who engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise may see a difference in sleep quality that same night. It’s generally not going to take months or years to see a benefit and you don’t need to feel like you have to train for the Brighton Marathon to become a better sleeper.

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