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We have two MSK First Contact Physiotherapists (FCPs) at BHWC

How our FCPs can help you

FCPs are advanced practitioners working within primary care with extensive expertise in the clinical assessment, diagnosis and non-pharmacological management of musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions.

FCPs see ADULTS (over 16 years old) with (suspected or diagnosed) MSK conditions as the first point of contact, instead of a GP, and can be accessed directly by contacting the practice’s reception.

FCPs are able to diagnose, give advice and provide expert management of MSK conditions

FCPs allow us to have an increased capacity as they are better placed to deal with these conditions than our GPs

FCPs can make a referral for you into 2° care, although they have track record of fewer as they are able to resolve many issues without referrals.

FCPs can request investigations and interpret results

FCPs are autonomous practitioners and they are trained to identify red flags so there is strong safety netting in place.

What do FCPs do during appointments?

A typical FCP appointment involves assessment, diagnosis and first-line treatment.

As a person-centred service, most appointments include self-management advice, social prescribing, and discussions about physical activity and fitness for work.

Is FCP only for MSK conditions?

Though first contact physiotherapy roles have so far focused on MSK, the FCP may be able to help with frailty and similar conditions.

Adults 17 years and older can book an appointment online with our FCP

Adults 17 years and older can who have had any pain for more than 6 weeks you can self refer to MSK physiotherapy

Adults 17 years and older who have hand or wrist pain you can self refer to Hand & Wrist MSK if you DO NOT have any of the following:

  • Have symptoms which include pins and needles or numbness affecting both hands
  • Have significant swelling and/or bruising associated with a recent fall
  • Have noticed any new lumps or bumps associated with your hand or wrist
  • Have history of cancer within the last 5 years
  • Any unexplained weight loss
  • Are feeling generally unwell/fever
  • Have recently become unsteady on your feet

If you have any of the above book in with the First Contact Practitioner.